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Becoming your own boss has never been that easy

A modular and scalable offer, in the form of turnkey packs.
Choose the package and options that best fit your project, profile and budget. All packs include software that allows for almost immediate customisation of stories, a large stock to double your initial investment and dedicated training space for a simple and fast implementation of your activity.

We are here to advise and guide you throughout your activity and offer you a free quote adapted to your needs and ambitions.

Choose the pack and modules

that best suit your project

The ideal pack to get started with minimal investment!
Build a business where you can work from home with the click of a button with this discovery pack. Just what you need to get up and running so you can expand before you know it.
Earn from home and start to scale with unlimited distribution!
Our best seller is everything you need to grow a business that sets you free. With 350 products and everything you need to market them off and online including your turnkey eCommerce website and marketing tools, plus margins you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll be ready to scale in no time.
The perfect all in one solution, getting started has never been that easy!
This comprehensive turnkey pack gives you everything you need to launch your business in a blink of an eye whilst giving you the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime. The all in one solution includes 600 products, a computer and laser printer, your dedicated website with all marketing tools to promote your activity.

What they say

Check out the story of Steve who became a distributor with My World

Check out the story of Katie who became a distributor with My World and I.

‘The products sell very well, they are very innovative. My customers keep coming back to me and thanking me’


You want to learn more about My World and I distributor’s opportunities, how it works and how you could increase your income quickly from home, with flexible hours for better work-life balance in the fast-growing book market and help children learn while having fun.

Becoming your own boss has never been that easy!
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